Vigilante – Interactive Fiction


Vigilante is my first try at interactive fiction.

It takes place during a protest gone wrong. It follows the player as they develop super powers, save their friend and deal with the aftermath.

Here is an excerpt:

In one swift motion you slam into the officer. He tumbles backwards and you sprint as fast as you can.
The water cannon is just ahead of you. It turns it’s focus away from Danny and onto a group of fleeing protesters.
Please be okay. Please be okay.
“Danny!” you shout, skidding to a stop and dropping to your knees, “Are you okay? Say something?” You shake his shoulder.
“What…who–” Danny groans.
“Oh!” you say, taking a deep breath and becoming visible.
“Hey, that’s cool! You gotta teach me that, sometime…” Danny mumbles.
“Ah sure, but right now we’ve gotta get out of here” you explain, helping Danny to his feet, “Grab on to me, I’m gonna try something.” Hang on to me. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on the hazy feeling in your head.
“Whoah, how the hell are you doing this?” Danny queries as the two of you disappear. “Now what do we do?”


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